Simple button generator to get paid in TurtleCoin

Easily generate a button to accept TurtleCoin in your website, it is powered by TurtlePay™ behind the scenes.


You can choose a redirect URL on success, once the transaction goes through the user will be redirected to the page you've chosen and we'll add a query string of the tx hash, for example


To edit the styling of the button on your website, add any css rules you wish to .trtl-btn > input { }.


Advantages over showing your wallet and ask for payments: the end user can see a live loader of the status of the transaction, can get qr code, and also gets redirected when the payment goes through.


You can see a working demo here:

Copy this script before the end of your body tag (</body>):
<script src=""></script>
Insert this div where you want the button to show:
<div class="trtl-btn" data-trtlbutton=""></div>